This is not an endorsement. 

This is not a smear campaign.

This is a Prevention of Catastrophe.

Temperament fit for title of ‘Honorable Alderman’?

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WARNING: Racial Slurs, Physical Violence, Extreme Language, Alcohol Abuse, Verbal Abuse

After charging to attack Law Enforcement while blaming them for her “Falling through a basement window while Intoxicated”…

$1000’s in Blight Citations.

Click on image^ to see how ‘Head of the Household Sandra’ keeps a clean house.

Diaz Strategy to Control the Rat Problem in Berwyn:

Draw them to a central location?

Smart Solutions for a cleaner 6th Ward. Problem solving is one of Sandra’s areas of expertise…her Real Estate background knows all the tricks to increase your hard-fought Property Value.

Come walk your dog & play in the broken glass and trash behind her alley today.

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