This is not an endorsement. 

This is not a smear campaign.

This is a Prevention of Catastrophe.

Currently in a Criminal Court Case for Attacking Police, total lack of consideration for her Neighbors on all sides, blight, so many Police responses, BPD & Blight Depts couldn’t complete the FOIAs before the Election. Moving Berwyn Backwards – Mayor Lovero’s Top Pick to Run the 6th Ward: SANDRA L. DIAZ

Sandra’s Own Cook Cty. Criminal Complaint for Charging at Police & [Pending] Case PDF Download:

*Pay attention to the ‘Forfeiture / Bail’ wording on Pages 6-13 and the association to attorney that posted the Bail. This will come up in the next entry below.Sandra’s Own Cook Cty. Criminal Complaint & Pending Case PDF Download:

$1000’s in Blight Citations

As Head of the Household (house not in her name), Diaz has set the tone for leading by example. Property has incurred fines showing neglect. More violations have occurred since this 2018 update. UPDATE – BUILDING DEPARTMENT FOIA CANNOT COMPLETE 2018-2020 BLIGHT CITATIONS! EXTENSION STATES DUE BY THE 24TH. DAY AFTER ELECTION.

FOIA Request on Number of Times 911/Non-E/Dog Catcher has been Called to Sandra’s Home, Unable to Itemize in 5 Business Days

“…We will complete your request on or before [2 DAYS AFTER THE ELECTION]…

Diaz a No-Show for Court Hearing, Forfeited-Bail handled by attorney having represented “Reputed Mafia Outfits”

When you see “Defendant Not in Court” and “Judgement on Forfeiture” – that means you’ve failed to appear for something as dire as a scheduled criminal hearing, can receive an Arrest Warrant, and forfeit your bail. None other than an attorney that has been in the news a bunch of times representing Organized Crime members to the rescue. (Click button above^ for “The Chicago Syndicate” article in new tab)